Engineering consulting


Follow the principle of independence, scientific and fair, using the engineering technology, science and technology, economic management and the laws and regulations and other multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience, providing consultation services in intelligence for the government department, project owners, and other engineering construction project decision-making and management of all kinds of customers to provide consultation services in intelligence.

Service scope:

* Including the early stage of project consultation;

* Survey and design phase of consultation;

* Construction consulting;

* Evaluation of production or delivery

Engineering consulting

Royal courts business center project

Construction area: 36371 square meters.
Total investment: 266 million yuan.

Shanghai concert hall overall migration and repair projects

72 - year - old Shanghai concert hall overall move to nanping 100 meters,
Also to adjust from the south to the north facade towards to sit north to south.
The largest in the history of Shanghai construction translation of cultural relics protection.

Oriental blue ocean international plaza, mechanical and electrical installation engineering

Project is located in Shanghai yangpu central area, adjacent to wujiaochang vice center, is a class a office building, commerce, catering, entertainment in one of the business combination.
A total construction area: 170000 square meters.
Total investment: RMB 2.2 billion (including some installation project cost 145 million yuan).

China Eastern pudong airport hangar project

A total construction area: 43800 square meters (including hangar hall of 13840 square meters).

Shanghai songjiang sijing south development base of large residential community projects

The project covers an area of 470 hectares.
Total area: 3.5681 million square meters.

Poly Lin Yuxi commodity house project

Construction area: 169724 square meters.
Total investment: 198 million yuan.

Shanghai zhangjiang mansion garden project

Construction area: 92340 square meters.
Total investment: 203.5164 million yuan.

Hubei wuhan liufang new town G block

This project consists of 18 high-rise, 6 small high-rise building and 1 of multi-storey building.
A total construction area: 541260 square meters (including 100000 square meters underground).
Total investment: more than 20, one hundred million yuan.

Hanus, new energy group, LNG project in ningxia

Annual output of 720000 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG), is China's largest liquefied natural gas project on land.

Shanghai nanhui east beach land development and consolidation project (phase ii) (1 # circumference area)

Area of area: 10 million square meters.

Changzhou world trade center

Changzhou world trade center by two hundreds of meters of the twin towers and podium,
A total construction area of 135000 square meters.

Shanghai jiading sheraton hotel project

Project is located in jiading chrysanthemum garden district, for the five-star hotel, is currently the most luxurious hotel.
Construction area: 83346 square meters.
Total investment: 980 million yuan.