Architectural design

Adhere to the architectural aesthetics creativity of environmental protection and human nature, insist to high quality design, excellent service for the purpose, establish a complete set of a strict management system. We treat that training the first-class talents, creating first-class design, providing the first-class service as the goal, provide the high-quality service for the customer.

With collaborative design platform and complete sets of complementary computer software, the complete equipment and solid strength, we still dedicated to the original technology progress, integrating scientific research, development, engineering design and technical services, engineering construction and comprehensive science and technology design team.

Architectural design

  • Residential Projects
    • Wormwood crown international community in suzhou, jiangsu province;
    • Anhui huaibei st YuYuan scene;
    • Xinjiang aral sea south city. Uptown pavilion;
    • Anhui guoyang county riverside Ming city;
    • Cultivated in anhui province love lu park capital;
  • Office Building Project
    • Wuhan, hubei province Pacific financial square;

    • Shanghai lapras industrial company office building;

    • Shanghai new kimball comprehensive office building;

    • The zhejiang province sanmen county sea swim town people's government office complex building;

    • Xianju county public security bureau, business technology USES a room, emergency linkage command center and the auxiliary project of public security;

  • Commercial Project
    • Tongling city in anhui province sunan hui's culture and commercial plaza;

    • Shanghai hongkou HK241-05 land business;

    • Hainan sheng sheng garden hotel.

    • Huzhou city, zhejiang province changxing ecological farms;

    • Shanghai jiading international hardware city;

    • Fujian business in Shanghai iron and steel industrial park service;

    • Taizhou city, zhejiang province, wind and li county boutique hotel property rights

  • Landscape Planning
    • Eastern city safe area in qinghai province GuYi road landscape renovation project

    • Changzhou, jiangsu province jintan ziyun hu resort hotel;

    • Shandong dongying yue to lake planning;

    • Shaoxing, zhejiang province scenery somebody else;

    • Shanghai jinshan. Cao gallery on both sides of highway building and landscape design;

  • Factory Building Project
    • Zhejiang east group luqiao metal resources regeneration industry base;
  • Renovation Project
    • Shanghai jiangwan junior middle school;
    • Shanghai north suburb middle school;
    • Shanghai chengcheng longing senior middle school;
    • Primary school affiliated to Shanghai international studies university.
    • Shanghai zhabei library;
    • Shanghai hongkou district sichuan road north street office building.
  • Public Buildings
    • Zhejiang shangrao high-speed dexing station;
  • Cultural Projects
    • Zhejiang taizhou luqiao center kindergarten;
  • Decorate a Project
    • Shanghai zendai Himalayas art hotel;
    • Wuxi, jiangsu province town famous museum.

Wuhan financial plaza, Pacific Ocean

Land area: 8479.9 square meters.
The ground with a total construction area: 53000 square meters.
Design concept: classical and modern collision, cumbersome simple comparison, makes the case that the classical and fashionable modern delicate.

Sea of sanmen county town people's government office

Land area: 7230 square meters.
A total construction area: 11567.49 square meters.
Considering the building located at the junction of the county road, the theme of architecture in the design of back to set aside large green space, form rich urban public space.

Zhejiang xianju county public security bureau

Zhejiang xianju county public security bureau by the business technology.
Land area: 18532 square meters.
Emergency linkage command center and the public security auxiliary project.
Land area: 6135 square meters.

Suzhou mold crown in international community

Construction location: suzhou industrial park jinji lake west bank.
Construction scale: 8.5 hectares.

Shanghai hongkou HK241-05 block business

Project is located in hongkou district emei road and changzhi road intersection.
Land area: 1928 square meters.

Hainan sheng sheng garden hotel

The project is located in haikou city chengmai surplus east coast peninsula.

Eastern city safe area in qinghai province GuYi road landscape renovation project

GuYi avenue within the scope of 4.2 km street on both sides of the comprehensive improvement of the old building engineering design.
Specific include: body building color planning;Every single building fa? Ade reconstruction scheme and construction drawing design;Building lighting design, and design a landscape square, five landscape node.
The project total investment of about 120 million yuan.