Talent Reserve

Talent concept

People-oriented, respect for talent, nurture talent, ability and political integrity, expertise and resources! Companies rely on employee development, employees have the same need; Without excellent employees, there is no outstanding enterprises. Huacheng always has good standing and on the basis of mutual trust, searching for the common development of the employees and the enterprise. At the same time huacheng provide a platform for the development of highly motivated employees, helping them promote and realize their own value.
  • View of selecting talent

    having both ability and political integrity, Attention to Internal and External; Appoint people on their merits, fair competition
    In the face of talent selection or not, We consider two factors: one is to choose the one who can do jobs; the other is to choose the one who is able to obtain the values of identity can excavate to have potential.
    We always keep a broad mind to look forward the one who active thinking agile with deeper professional knowledge, can become our corporate culture heirs, facilitator , innovators.
  • View of cultivate talents

    Collect national high quality resources, Precise levels of service excellence, Combined with the needs of the development of corporate strategy
    Train employees Systematic, improve employee in the development of professional technology, professional skills.
    At the same time provide platform for the development of highly motivated employees, helping employees promote and realize their own value.
  • View of using talents

    Guided by the team the position of the enterprise;
    Through long-term foreign cooperation, make talent flow;
    Follow the principle of talents in the talent of the best use of talent;
    Focus on age structure, knowledge structure, professional category and character qualities of reasonable collocation;
    Used in talent foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, tolerant character, want to love only, and don't pet at the same time.
  • View of keeping talents

    Expand the staff development space, through the selection mechanism of openness, fairness and justice, development for the employees through various channels; With a scientific performance management, to provide staff with market competitiveness. Development channel:

    A. management promotion channel
    Employee-supervisor-manager, senior manager- general manager, director -vice President - President
    B. professional promotion channel
    Employees - primary professionals - intermediate professionals, senior professionals-experts-senior experts